8 Stages Model

The term diaspora is coined from an ancient Greek word meaning to “scatter about”.

Today it is commonly used for communities of people with a similar heritage or homeland that have migrated to different countries around the world.

They are aware of their origins and identity and maintain contact with the home country.

As they migrate, they take their heritage, traditions and culture to enrich and bring diversity far away from their homeplace.

In recent decades, we have seen a rise in numbers of diaspora that have been returning to their ethnic home country after living outside of their homeland for generations.

We have extensive experience in guiding people trough their  voluntary return process and we offer services that lead to successful integration in their home country.

CLDD Works with returnees by following a model of “8 stages”:

• Ensuring the existence (job, starting a business, agricultural enterprises)

• Solving documents in repatriation country (personal / identity card, passport / passport, driving license, etc.)

• Solving the housing problem (returnees get help in the search for funds for the renovation, rent or purchase)

• Finding a completing education in resident country in order to find better job in repatriation country

• Complementary needs of returnees in repatriation country (schools for children, medical services, care for elderly, associations and clubs)

• Trial period in repatriation country (job practice, development private business or agriculture)

• Assistance with check-out at the authorities in resident country (Tax office, insurances etc.)

• Assistance with relocation (customs regulations, transportation etc…)

If you have any questions about our model, please contact us.