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Center For Local Development & Diaspora

Voluntary Return & Diaspora Power

CLDD, short for Center for Local Development and Diaspora is and NGO that was created to help provide information, advice and explanations for people who decided to voluntary return to their home country.

We also support individuals in development and implementation, connect them to diaspora in other countries which comes from same geographical area in order to initiate and implement developing activities, and last refer to the appropriate local authorities, which can solve any problems that may arise. All with the goal to help make the process as simple and efficient as possible for our clients.


CLDD consists of an office and a board

General Secretary – Office

Email Contact: emina.krzovic@cldd.se

Emina Krzovic Butler

General Secretary – Office

Chairman - Board

Email Contact: Kristina.Bond@cldd.se

Kristina Bond

Chairman - Board

Vice Chairman - Board

Email Contact:

Abdullahi Mohamed

Vice Chairman - Board

Member - Board

Fatou Bah

Member - Board

Member - Board

Email Contact: dzana.cenanovic@cldd.se

Dzenana Cenanovic

Member - Board

Substitute - Board

Ewa Jallow

Substitute - Board

Substitute - Board

Anette Wilhelmsson

Substitute - Board

Member - Board

David Khorshid

Member - Board

Substitute - Board

Email Contact: Martin.mestanza@cldd.se

Martin Mestanza

Substitute - Board


Discover our milestones and how CLDD developed trough the years

March 2004

CLLD was created

Centre for Local Development and Diaspora exist since 2004 working mainly with migration issues inter alia voluntary repatriations and Diaspora activities in developing home countries. First offices were opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war at 90 ́s to help refugees to repatriate and five years later in Iraq for same reason. First 4 offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina were in Jajce, Banja Luka, Srebrenica and Ilijas.

March 2004.

Bagdad Offices

We expanded into Asia and opened offices in Bagdad, Irak.

March 2006.

9 Offices in BiH

In 2006. we opened 4 more offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mostar, Teslić, Goražde, Glamoč and Ključ.

March 2010

Exansion to Africa

A special team for Somaliland/Somalia is established in organization since 2010.

March 2012

Headquarters in Stockholm

CLDD role was transformed in to developing role during the time up to today.

CLDD is working in cooperation with Diaspora from different countries using the resources in Diaspora population as an important component in developing of home countries.

The headquarters which is in Stockholm is coordinating and valuing CLDDs work in other countries.

Our work with returnees is following a model of “8 stages”

1. Solving documents in repatriation country

personal / identity card, passport, driving license, etc.

2. Solving the housing problem

returnees get help in the search for funds for the renovation, rent or purchase.

3. Finding a completing education

in resident country in order to find better job in repatriation country.

4. Ensuring
the existence

 job, starting a business, agricultural enterprises.

5. Complementary needs of returnees

schools, medical services, elderly care, associations & clubs

6. Trial period in repatriation country

job practice, development private business or agriculture

7. Assistance with check-out

at the authorities in resident country i.e. tax office, insurances etc.

8. Assistance with relocation

customs regulations, transportation, etc.

Our Services

What CLDD can do for you?

CLDD has extensive experience in guiding people in voluntary return and offers some services that lead to successful integration in the country of destination.

Provide information, advice and explanations necessary for returnees and the
local population regarding public administration and authorities.

Support individuals in the development and implementation of individual plans of returning for voluntary returnees.

Connect to diaspora in other countries which comes from same geographical area in order to initiate and implement developing activities.


Refer to the appropriate local authorities, which can solve the problems and
ensure contact with them.


Local authorities & NGOs consult us in certain municipal interventions & at individual interventions for help.


Ensure contacts with businessmen and investing meetings.


Provide assistance in the preparation of projects that come on the initiative
of the local population and non-governmental organizations.


Support the implementation of business plans of individuals (both locals and

Our Offices

CLDD offices are working in network connecting with each other from the different countries constantly in exchange of experience in work with returnees and Diaspora. CLDD starts and implements own projects as well trying and improving models in work with target groups and making repatriation process more successful for individuals.

CLDD International is open to new offices in other countries. Those who are interested have to come in contact with office in Stockholm or info@cldd.se.




Various Locations

Bosnia and Hezegovina



Sneak a peek at the

The team behind CLDD


If you have questions about our organization or your own return please contact us on info@cldd.se or send us a message trough our web form.