Connexchange Conference, Neum 2017.

Center for Local Development and the Diaspora (CLDD) is a Swedish umbrella organization that works on issues related to voluntary repatriation and making diaspora’s role as agents of change visible of the in global development processes.

The diaspora contributes a lot both in terms of human and financial resources, enabling the United Nations to live up to its sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals, SDG). CLDD have a physical presence in several countries and more information about the organization is available on

On the 27th to 30th April 2017, CLDD has organized a conference in the town of Neum in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the theme to link and exchange experiences on entrepreneurship.

The purpose of this conference was to link people from the diaspora to their countries of origin to create and promote entrepreneurship, transfer knowledge from destination countries to countries of origin and vice versa. This is one of the important components to develop individuals and their own resources and contribute to the development of our global community.