Survey Results: Voluntary Return and Diaspora Engagement in Sweden and European Countries

Over the last five years, there have been notable shifts in how migrants integrate and choose to re-migrate voluntarily within Sweden and the broader European Union. Despite these changes, there remains a significant gap in reliable statistics, data, and public opinion that accurately reflect the trends and directions of these processes.

Notably, a comprehensive survey examining migrants’ perspectives on return migration has not been conducted in the past decade. Consequently, political decisions impacting migrants are often made based on societal assumptions rather than concrete evidence of what is necessary or beneficial for positive societal transformation.

At this juncture, CLDD International recognizes the critical need for a thorough survey of migrants in Sweden and the EU regarding voluntary return migration and the diaspora’s role in the development of their countries of origin. This research is crucial for shaping both immediate and future strategies.

To foster beneficial changes for individuals, families, and communities, a survey was carried out among migrants in Sweden and the EU. This research is particularly vital for developing initiatives related to voluntary return migration and the diaspora’s participation in homeland development.


For a comprehensive understanding of the survey results on voluntary return and the role of the diaspora in homeland development within Sweden and other European countries, you can download the full report here.


This document provides detailed insights and data crucial for anyone engaged in migration policy, community development, or diaspora studies.

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