Voluntary Return and Diaspora Power Conference, 2019

CLDD, which has its headquarters in Sweden was established in 2004 and its mission statement is the promotion of migration issues, including voluntary return and working with diaspora communities to harness their support for developmental projects in their home countries.

The Center for Local Development and the Diaspora has held three conferences in London, Berlin and Sweden in 5, 7 and 13 of June 2019 with the theme, “Voluntary Return and Diaspora Power”.

The purpose of this conference is to enlighten the positive effects of migration and use Diasporas power in the development of their home countries. To link people from diaspora to their countries of origin, to create and promote entrepreneurship, transfer knowledge from destination countries to countries of origin and vice versa and work together in the process of democratization. This is one of the important components to develop individuals and their own resources and contribute to the development of the global community.

Conference is mainly created for Organizations, politicians and officers who work with migration issues.