We are people on the move.


 We are many. Yet unseen.

We are growing bigger every day and count in the hundreds of millions but nobody knows how many we are.

We have existed since human civilization began.

We made civilization developed and become what it is today.

Yet we never get credit for that.

We have many homes and yet belong nowhere.

We are coming from different parts of the world and yet still belong to the same nation, with the same basic needs and encountering the same difficulties, no matter what our skin color or religion.

We are aware of things in the world and societies are only known to us. 

We make the world go round and improve it, in culture, sports, economic and knowledge and..

…yet we are being taken as a problem.

We are needed, but unwanted.

We are weak because we are not aware of the tremendous power we have together.

We have an influence on everything but we have not yet been counted as an important factor.

We are aware of our own minds, we know what we want yet the decision are being made for us.

You who don’t belong to us can become one of us any time or maybe your children will.

And once you become a part of our big nation you’ll stay part of it forever, even trough your children and grandchildren.

We are people on the move.

We are migrants.